First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson – 

History isn’t about the past, it’s about the future. Only by looking back with pride or shame, with a sense of triumph, or a resolution not to repeat mistakes, do we use the lessons of the past to craft our future. That’s why even in 2022, when it’s still unlikely we’ll be able to gather in the usual fashion (we are almost there) to commemorate Remembrance Day, we must find a way to remember those who fought in two World Wars for the freedom we have today. Over the past two years many have grumbled, including myself, about the necessity of adhering to rules pertaining to masks, social distancing and so on. If those minor cutbacks to our freedom seem bothersome, imagine the compromises to liberty we’d have to endure if those who died for the freedom we take for granted in ordinary circumstances had not been successful. I think today our freedom would be compromised beyond anything 2020 threw at us.

Now, after the most amazing fall that we’ve had, we are getting closer to the holiday season, and as the nights draw in and the days become shorter, hopefully you’ll be able to find a cozy corner to snuggle into and find some time to enjoy the latest 96 pages of Seaside Magazine. This issue is loaded with everything you can imagine! Food, wine, fashion, home and design ideas … and plenty more! While supporting good causes around the world, we should also do what we can to support local businesses by keeping the money circulating here. Just as the 100-mile diet of buying produce from local farmers creates a healthier, more sustainable food system, buying local goods and services from local people creates a healthier, more sustainable local economy. It is a lesson learned eons ago in the first bartered transaction of milk for eggs.

On pages 12 and 13 find out how to enter to win our annual Winfall Giveaway at over 30 business locations on the Saanich Peninsula, AND you’ll have a chance to get to know some of our amazing local entrepreneurs at the same time!

Our best wishes for a great month!

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