Last Word from the Editorial Director

by Deborah Rogers – 

I wasn’t really feeling ready for the Holidays and contemplating the end of the year – I still have so much to do! But by the time I’d read through every page of this huge December issue, I have to say I’d changed my tune. I really hope it’s the same for you – that once you’ve seen all the articles, beautiful photos and helpful adverts, that you feel like you’ve had a big seasonal hug.

The editorial team puts their hearts into every issue, but I think we’d all agree that December feels special. We want to create something that you’ll want to keep in your home and refer back to. We hope the recipe pages (pg 15 and pg 34) will be covered in flour or splatters from the stove because you’ve been testing them. We hope there will be circles around items in the Gift Guide (pg 10) as you consider your Christmas shopping. Maybe you’ll tear out the page of Winter Wellness Tips (pg 69) and stick it on the side of the fridge as a reminder to look after yourself this month. It’s with great joy that I imagine you telling a friend or neighbour that you saw their business featured in the magazine or read an interview with them.

You can imagine me making the mulled wine recommended by Tilar in Off the Vine (pg 48), tucking into one of the books recommended by Jackie in the 2022 Book Wrap Up (pg 22), oh, and maybe finally sampling one of those truffles I had a hand in making (pg 74).

As we navigate December with its excitement and excess, I’m also going to be reflecting on the way that this year feels different than the last two, but still not quite like it used to be. Maybe that’s the thing with Christmas celebrations: we cling to the idea of how we feel it should be, even as we grow and change and the world around us changes too.

Wishing you all joy and peace this Holiday season, wherever you choose to look for it.

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by Ecotopia Naturals.
For more, visit Shot on location at Sea Cider Farm & Ciderhouse.

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