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First Word from the Publisher

by Sue Hodgson –

On March 12 last year we had just finished hosting our annual Women To Watch cocktail event – celebrating with over 75 women entrepreneurs, friends and family. Within 48 hours everything went to mayhem! It was the same weekend that I had to say goodbye to my 17-year-old husky. It seemed at the time things couldn’t get any worse. As the year has gone by, through many moments of frustration and anxiety, I’ve been trying every day to adapt better and learn from the pandemic.

I have to admit, it’s been difficult. But I’m reminded every day that life is made up of moments and it’s these little moments we need to celebrate. On those days when nothing seems right and everything seems messy – work, relationships, the mind – it can all seem difficult. On these days, we need to focus on the little things that will require no effort, but give you strength to get through. On the last day of the snowstorm in February, I decided to do two things: take a fast walk to Snowdon House to get my favourite eggs and chat with Laura, and to shovel (yet again) an area next to the main road for my son to park his car. It felt good and I was excited to surprise him. So not only were both moments feelings of joy and strength for me; it was also during the 45 minutes of shovelling that I had neighbours coming by to chat and friends honking at me whilst driving past … these moments made my day beautiful.

The magic of starting to focus on these little things can gradually shift our thoughts from what is missing in our life to what is there. We can create our own happiness bit by bit. In this issue we have lots of moments to share, not only with our 10th annual Women To Watch entrepreneurs but from all areas of Peninsula life: the arts, the outdoors, wellness, fashion, farming, homes … there’s so much content to explore!

And, in the BC Business latest review of B.C.’s most resilient cities to live, Sidney ranked #3 and Central Saanich #9! Lucky us: there’s always something to smile about.



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