Last Word from the Editorial Director

by Deborah Rogers – 

I grew up in a house where science ruled. Physics, engineering, the emerging world of computers – these were common dinner table topics. The magazine you were most likely to pick up from my home’s coffee table? New Scientist. If there was a sci-fi film or TV show, you can be sure we were watching. Heroes in our house were physicists like Richard Feynman rather than sports stars.

This was all fine and good, and I’m as interested in science as the next person, but it’s not where my passion or talents lie. The gig was up when I got to calculus. Who was I kidding? Despite the excellent role models all around me I was never going to follow my brothers into a STEM career. I wanted to study literature. It’s all I ever really wanted to do, to read and write all day long. My heroes? Writers like Caitlin Moran.

Something that has become increasingly well understood is that if you don’t see yourself represented out in the world, it’s hard to believe that you have endless possibilities. Or, you can’t be what you can’t see. We choose our heroes because they inspire us, but also because we want to be like them. They give us something to aim for, even when we know deep down we likely won’t ever win that Giller prize, or score the medal-winning goal. You can’t let anyone else tell you who you should look up to; you have to find your own hero, the one that fits who you are.

Our March issue’s special Women to Watch feature is one way that we like to both celebrate the success of women in our community, but also to inspire. For me Jesse Holth’s “The Business of Creating” (pg 13) resonated, with its broad look at the way creativity can feed directly into a career. The entrepreneurs featured recognized that their unique skills could be the basis for innovative, successful businesses and have let their passions drive them. From beadwork to baking and floral design to knitting, there’s a whole world of creative businesses out there with inspiring people leading the way.

We’re surrounded with role models and women worth emulating in a wide variety of different fields; it’s a real pleasure to share their stories with you.

Photo by Janis Jean Photography. Clothing provided and styled by piper + ally.
For more, visit Instagram @piperally. Shot on location at Mattick’s Farm.

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